10 May 2017
RHB137a, Goldsmiths University of London

On 2nd March 1981 a protest took place called the Black People Day of Action. On their placards was written the slogan “Thirteen dead and nothing said”.

Vron Ware photographed this historic moment and the event will use this exhibition to explore the relationship between photography, filmaking and witness and community mobilisation.

The march was a historic coming together of thousands of black people and their associates in the aftermath of the tragedy of the New Cross Fire. As it weaved its way through south London children and young people scaled the fences of their schools to join it. Many of the demonstrators who on the march that day would go on to become the most articulate voices to emerge from postcolonial London. The Black People’s Day of action was historic because it marked a political and cultural turning point. Vron Ware’s photographs – never shown publically – document this historic moment and the proposed show will offer an opportunity to reflect on this history, but also link to the wider politics of racism and resistance in our time.

In addition to Vron Ware, participants will also include Nirmal Puwar and Roxy Harris amongst others.