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June 2016

Sensing the City: A Companion to Urban Ethnography



As part of a series on ethnography at Goldsmiths Anja Schwanhäußer will be discussing her new book with Mark Johnson (Anthropology) and Michaela Benson (Sociology).

Sensing the City is a collection of essays offering insights from, among others, Peter Jackson, Loïc Wacquant and Les Back, on urban anthropological research. The book features a variety of experimental and artistic methods.

Anja Schwanhäußer is a Berlin based urban anthropologist and Street-Art-activist. She publishes books on cities, popular culture and subculture and teaches at various Universities, including Humboldt-University Berlin.

This event is free and all are welcome to attend.

Location: RHB 137a
Time: 2pm
Date: 8 July 2016


Alberto Toscano on Fredric Jameson in ‘The World is Already Without Us’

Alberto Toscano has just published an article entitled ‘The World is Already Without Us’ in a special issue of Social Text around the work of Fredric Jameson. The article revisits the problematic of the cognitive mapping of capital by probing the affinity between two representational predicaments: the depopulated nature of images of human-altered landscapes in the “new topographics” photography and its epigones, and the current debate over the definition of the Anthropocene. It looks in Fredric Jameson’s treatment of the time of capital, and of the place therein of dead labor, for a clue to critically rethink both these phenomena, revealing their profound affinity in the aporia besetting our thinking of historical agency under capitalist conditions. The article concludes with a brief reflection on what it might mean to define communism in this light as the “resurrection of dead labor.”

Performance and Performativity: Actualities and Futures

Vikki Bell gave the keynote at the Performance and Performativity conference at the University of Leeds on 15th June.CkQ7KxqWUAANHGG

After October, Before February: Figures of Dual Power

Alberto Toscano has published an article, ‘After October, Before February: Figures of Dual Power’, in Fredric Jameson, An American Utopia: Dual Power and the Universal Army, edited by Slavoj Žižek, which features Jameson’s speculative, utopian challenge to contemporary leftist thought, followed by a host of responses.


Sociology awarded Bronze in Green Impact!

NUS Green Impact Bronze Award

Today the Department was awarded for our efforts in upholding sustainable practices in the workplace by NUS Green Impact.

Clare Lewis, who lead the department’s Green Impact Team, was presented with a bronze award (both pictured) by Space, Environment & Sustainability Officer, Nicola Hogan.

Green Impact is an initiative set up by the NUS, with the aim of embedding considerations around environmental sustainability into the fabric of HE institutions. The project brings together staff and students, working towards the goal of cultural change. For more information about the project, and Goldsmith’s other ‘greening’ activities visit Goldsmiths Greening:

Liberalism Terminable and Interminable

Alberto Toscano has published a short article, ‘Liberalism Terminable and Interminable‘, as part of a symposium on Joseph Massad’s book Islam in Liberalism, which also includes Sara R. Farris’ intervention ‘The Cold War of Women and Islam‘. Both pieces feature responses by Massad.

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