// 18th & 19th May 2016, 2-6pm
// Professor Stuart Hall Building 314, Goldsmiths, University of London, SE14 6NW

These two events will explore the development of Isabelle Stengers’ work, and will engage with her in conversations about many of her influential concepts and propositions. The two days will consist of brief interventions by Goldsmiths staff members that will focus around a selection of her most recent essays. These will be followed by conversations with Stengers as well as with members of the audience.

Each day of discussions will explore specific aspects of Stengers’ work. The first day will centre around Stengers’ development of a speculative philosophy concerned with a risky and situated experimentation with possibles, as well as her plea for slow science. The second day will explore her call for ‘(re)learning the art of paying attention’, in connection to questions of ontological politics, capitalism, and political ecology.

The event is free but registration for each day is essential due to limited capacity.

May 18th: Experimenting with Possibles: The Work of Speculation
Discussants: Luciana Parisi (Cultural Studies), Martin Savransky (Sociology), Alberto Toscano (Sociology)
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May 19th: (Re)learning the Art of Paying Attention
Discussants: Vikki Bell (Sociology), Monica Greco (Sociology), Marsha Rosengarten (Sociology)
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These events are hosted by the Centre for Invention and Social Process (CISP) and the Centre for Philosophy and Critical Theory (CPCT), Goldsmiths.