‘Celebrating the ADA: The Next 25 Years’

On April 6 2016, Rob Imrie gave a keynote at ‘Celebrating the ADA: The Next 25 Years’ event at the University at Buffalo

The Americans with Disabilities Act was 25 years old in 2015, a year marked by numerous events commemorating the passage of the Act.

No one can deny that the ADA and related laws that require accessibility to the built environment have had a profound impact on the lives of people with disabilities. Yet there is still much to be done. What is the next step toward full social integration? Now that the anniversary is over, it is time to look forward. Universal design, a new paradigm of social inclusion, aligns the accessibility movement for people with disabilities with broader agendas on design for social justice and design for health. This symposium will examine the promise of universal design, how it has been implemented around the world, the barriers to its implementation, and how to move forward.