Alberto Toscano and Brenna Bhandar’s article ‘Representing Palestinian dispossession: land, property, and photography in the settler colony’ – whose original version was presented as a talk in 2014, as part of SPACE & GAZE: Conversations with Jean Mohr & Edward Said in Palestine organised by The Methods Lab – is now out in Settler Colonial Studies.

This article explores the centrality of property and dispossession to the operations of settler colonialism in Israel/Palestine through the prism of Edward Said and Jean Mohr’s collaborative photographic essay After the Last Sky

Drawing on the way in which Said directs our attention to the meanings of land, place, and exile within Palestinian life and resistance, and putting his writing in dialogue with recent photographic projects that focus on Palestinian dispossession, the article brings these theoretical perspectives to bear on the present reality of the dispossession of Palestinian Bedouin in the Naqab village of Al-Araqib.